5 Easy and Affordable tips to improving the sound acoustics in your room

In this blog article we are going to talk about some practical tips to improve your sound acoustics within your room. We all want to have the natural sound balance within a room, and this is the aim with acoustic treatment. Our tips may involve no costs at all or a cost-effective way by looking at acoustic foam (panels, bass traps and corner wedge blocks).

 1. Identify the layout and shape of your room.

In an ideal situation we would want a room with walls that are equal, non-reflective, and have ample space to hang things that can absorb the sound. If you don’t have an ideal situation, you can create your own ideal situation.

  • Have a look at your layout, in terms of what you have in your room like objects, open spaces and windows. This can cause areas of reflection.
  • Have a look at the shape of the room, in terms of how many corners you have in the room, possible problem areas where sound may be reflecting and reverberating.

 2Place a rug or carpet under your working space.

Hard surfaces act as reflection points and reverberate sound. The point of adding a rug or carpet will act to diffuse and absorb the sound. It might not help a whole lot but it will definitely add to the process of acoustical treatment. 

 3. Look at the position and height of your speakers.

Positioning of your speakers can be of huge benefit. If it is too close to any surrounding objects or hard surfaces, it can cause reflections and thus two sounds waves will be heard once it reaches you. A speaker that is placed to high and placed at an angle towards the floor can have the same effect.  It should be placed at the same height as your ears and pointed directly towards you.

 4Look at the positioning of your seat relative to speakers.

Taking a step back and looking at the position of your seat in comparison to the speakers. There should be an equilateral triangle from where you are seated to the speakers. Speaker position should be 1 meter away from the wall.

This is an ideal situation and having the speakers too close to the wall can create some sound disturbances. Have a look at different placement options in your room and try different areas and see if there is a difference in the sound output.

5. Using acoustic panels, bass traps and corner wedge blocks.

Using foam acoustic panels can be a cost-effective sound treatment method especially if you don’t have a big budget for big fabric or wooden acoustic panels. You can start off with a few foam panels placed in a some key areas that will help decrease the echo and reverb within your room.

A basic package would include some acoustic foam panels and some bass traps for the sound which usually gets trapped in the corners of the room. You can browse our collections to see which ones might suit your needs.

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