What to Look For When Buying Sound Reducing Foam

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Deciding to Purchase Sound Absorption Foam

Maybe you never thought you would ever have a need for acoustic foam, but now that the need has arisen, and you don’t know where to begin looking for the best acoustic foam to suit your needs.

This is not an everyday item that you can purchase on your weekly shopping run. Instead, sound absorption foam requires some research into figuring out the best type and shapes for your needs.

Where to Purchase Your Sound Absorption Foam

You can always buy your sound absorption foam from a brick-and-mortar store, but you will probably get the best quality and the best deals from online foam suppliers. Going online gives you the freedom to pick from a large pool of brands and quality. It also gives you the opportunity to find a wider range of products.

Purchasing online also means you are not purchasing from a Jack of all trades who just happens to have acoustic foam in their product catalogue, but rather, you are purchasing from industry specialists who knows what the best solution is for every problem you may have.

This is where Hush Echo comes in. 

Before you settle on an acoustic panel, it would be best to compare a few relevant features and assess how this will best suit your needs and requirements. Below are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge on your purchase:

Panel Size and Count

The number of acoustic wall panels you will need depends on the size of your room. But with all factors held constant, the number, and the size in the panels you buy will determine the effectiveness.

For instance, a package with six panels that measures 60 cm2 each will not have the same impact as 12 panels measuring 2.5m2 each. Larger panels have a better effect than smaller ones.

Typical sound attenuating foam comes in packs of 6, 12, and 24 with panels that measure 30 cm2 and 50 cm2. It would be best to go for the larger panels if you want to cover more space. The number of acoustic foam panels you will need will also be dependent on where you want to install it.

Thickness and Density

Acoustic foam panels come in various thicknesses, notably 2.5 cm, 5 cm, 7.62 cm, and 10 cm. There are also base traps that are available, with panels measuring at 2.5 cm that are thinner than all others, but still yield great results in managing mid- and high-frequency range. These are ideal when you want excellent sound control without necessarily focusing on complete sound absorption.

The 5 cm thick sound absorption foam provides greater overall absorption power and is effective in mid- and high-range frequencies. They are the best choice if you plan to use DIY acoustic panels to optimise your recording studio, home office, rehearsal space, home theatre, or vocal studio. Majority of our panels at Hush Echo are of 5 cm and thicker. 

The 7.6 cm panels absorb all low-, mid-, and high-frequency levels, giving them the versatility to work in any room. The 10 cm panels, on the other hand, have the highest absorption power and eliminate even the lowest frequency ranges. Our most dense acoustic foam panel is the Hexagon polyester panel

The last densities, which are bass traps ranging at a thickness of 50 cm, are the thickest of all and a must-have for rooms with a subwoofer, bass amp, or drum kit.


The pattern on the surface of your acoustic foam panels matters greatly. Foams used for acoustic controls typically absorb echoes and the shape of the panels affect how the surface receives these waves. There are various shapes and designs of acoustic foams to satisfy a range of needs, budgets, and aesthetic desire. 

Price Points

As with every product or service that you purchase, you need to weigh quality against price. While some products may be exorbitantly priced, others may seem like a bargain, but the quality is subpar. At Hush Echo, we provide you with competitive market prices and unparalleled quality. We can ensure that the specific design and thickness you opt to purchase will meet your needs to the fullest.

To pick the best design for you, have a browse of our collections to see which one you would prefer.

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