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Free shipping over R1,000


About Hush Echo

As the world has shifted to hybrid and work from home structures, you may find yourself in your home office – a room without much furniture, carpets, or curtains – with everything sounding strange, and you just can’t figure out why. You don’t know how to fix this disturbance that seems to put a damper on your Monday morning meetings. 

Or perhaps you’re a recording artist, a producer, a DJ, a YouTuber, or a Tik-Tok influencer, and you just can’t seem to get your sound quality to the level you want it to be at – and let’s be honest, your microphone and editing software can only filter out the disturbances so much. 

And that is why we established Hush Echo, to provide people with acoustic foam panels and boards that minimizes the echo, reverb, and noise disturbances. 

Hush Echo is a local and proudly South African supplier of acoustic foam and acoustic panel boards. Our range of products assists in optimizing sound quality, while ensuring an affordable solution for our clients.


We service a broad client base such as individuals, businesses and contractors. offering practical solutions through our sound absorption products. They are ideal for use in a variety of application settings and environments such as recording studios, home offices, boardrooms, home theaters, restaurants, shooting ranges, audio and video production sets. These are to name a few but it can be applied to any setting where noise, echo and reverb is a problem. 

With the ease of installation of our acoustic products, you can fit the panels in by yourself in a matter of minutes. Being fully DIY means you don’t have to wait for someone to install the products, and you don’t need to worry about strangers coming into your space. 

As soon as the panels are in your hands, you can begin the installation process, meaning there are minimal delays between purchase and use.  


Our broad selection of quality products includes acoustic foam panels, acoustic polyester panels, and acoustic panel boards, to name a few. Find out more about these products here.

We understand that everyone has their own taste, and we pride ourselves in our ability to cater to your own personal design needs. We are able to supply a variety of designs and shapes that can accommodate your taste and that seamlessly fits into your home aesthetic.


If you would like to know more about our products for home, office, and studio foam, be sure to contact a representative from Hush Echo today.

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