Metro Acoustic Foam-50cmx50cm-4 pack wall mounted- Angle view.
Metro Acoustic Foam-50cmx50cm-4 pack wall mounted- Angle view-straight layout.
Metro Acoustic Foam-Black-50cmx50cm-4 pack-Stacked- Angle view.
Metro Acoustic Foam-Black-50cmx50cm-4 pack-wall mounted- Angle view-layout 3
Metro Acoustic Foam-Black-50cmx50cm-4 pack-stacked-Front view.
Hush Echo

4 Pack - Metro Acoustic Foam - 50cm X 50cm


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  • Description
  • Description
  • This particular shape has a particularly high sound-reducing capability. The differing heights in its design of the foam, serve to spread the energy out into the room. This causes the noise reflections to be scattered around the room. There is softening of the wave fronts instead of full sound absorption from the panel.

    It is definitely one of our unique designs for our acoustic foam shapes. 

    The DIY acoustic panels are ideal for your:

    • YouTube/Streaming rooms.
    • Podcasting rooms,
    • Recording studios, 
    • Boardrooms and Home office. 
    • Home theaters. 

    These panels are easy to install on walls.


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