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6 Pack - Line - Acoustic Polyester Panel - Grey Black - 40cm

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3D Line Style Acoustic Rectangular Polyester (PET) Panels are the perfect sound absorption tool to control the sound and also improve the look of your environment.

The polyester acoustic panels are lightweight and can be easily mounted on walls, doors, or ceilings using a glue gun or double-sided tape. The products are fully DIY so you do not require special equipment to mount them.

The panels help reduce unwanted background noise, echo, and reverberation. They come in two different types: 
These polyester acoustic panels are used for various applications such as living rooms, dining rooms, recording studios, gaming rooms, streaming rooms, corporate boardrooms

Relative to other materials of acoustical treatments, Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels have a better sound-absorbing effect, are more decorative, environmentally friendly, stable, impact-resistant, easy to maintain, and have a longer service life

- Reduces room modes.
- Decreases standing waves. 
- Controls comb filtering. 
- Reduces slap echo. 
- Decreases reverb.
- Stylish in its design. 

- Sound absorption
- No drilling required

Specifications per panel:
- Weight: 1.5 kg
- Material: Polyester Fiber
- Dimensions (lxbxh) : 40 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm