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6 Pack - Square - Acoustic Polyester Panel - Charcoal - 30cm

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These Polyester Fiber, flat shaped, high density acoustic panels are made from a polyester eco-friendly material which serves a dual purpose of having sound absorbing properties as well as being a decorative panel.

The sound panels help reduce echo and may reduce outside noise if applied correctly.

These acoustic panels are used for various applications such as home offices, recording studios, gaming rooms, streaming rooms, corporate boardrooms

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels has a better sound-absorbing effect and can be more decorative if placed in a specific pattern. It is also impact resistant, easy to maintain and often lasts longer than foam products.  

Please note: NO adhesive is supplied as a glue gun is the most effective way to apply these panels.

- Reduces room modes.
- Decreases standing waves. 
- Controls comb filtering. 
- Reduces slap echo. 
- Decreases reverb.
- Stylish in its design. 

- Sound absorption
- No drilling required

Specifications per panel:
- Weight: 143 g
- Material: Polyester Fiber
- Dimensions (lxbxh) : 30 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm