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Mayan Pyramid - Acoustic Foam - Black - 30cm

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These Mayan pyramid sound reducing foam has a unique shape and design, allows it to have more surface area and a more sleek design.

The stepped edges of the pyramid allows for extra diffusion by reflecting the sound in different directions. It provides a flatter sound instead of deadening the room completely.

The Mayan pyramid-shaped DIY sound panels are ideal for your:

  • YouTube and Streaming rooms,
  • Gaming rooms,
  • Recording studios, 
  • Boardrooms, 
  • Home theaters

These panels are easy to install on your walls and ceilings.

The foam will not deteriorate or fall apart over time. All that is required is dusting over long periods of time.

- Sound absorption
- No drilling required

Specifications per panel:
- Weight: 55 g
- Material: Polyurethane (Foam)
- Dimensions (lxbxh) : 30 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm