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Improving Gaming room acoustics

The E-sports/gaming community is growing at a rapid rate, with an increase in participation and popularity. More and more individuals are playing games online, whether it be an online competition, twitch events, or just playing online with friends. Some may also have a room dedicated just for their gaming lifestyle and group activities. 

Online gaming has become so much more than sitting in front of a screen and trying to meet the game’s objective. Instead, it has become a social event with its own social scene, and we have quickly learnt the importance of acoustic quality during a virtual meeting or event. 

The gaming lifestyle comes with a lot of aspects that are purchased and utilized to optimize gaming. From purchasing the latest gaming console or the optimal gaming chair, to procuring the perfect headphones, gamers make sure that their entire space is up to scratch. But sound quality is often something that is overlooked. Don’t worry, we at Hush Echo are here to remind you of the importance of acoustic quality. 

An optimal acoustic setup can play a critical role in the overall experience of a designated gaming room. But this optimized sound quality is not just for your gaming experiences but will also prove to be beneficial when you are hosting a monthly game night. 

The needs and requirements to fulfil the acoustics needs in your gaming room will be different based on the setup of the room. We need to understand the basic principles of what sound is and from there we can identify ways to treat it.

Within a room there are sound waves that bounce off surfaces and cause reverberations. This will result in unwanted noise.

 Some tips to improve the acoustics within your gaming room include:

  • The door should be the first place to look at when it comes to acoustics. If you have big gaps along the door, you can place a strip foam along the door to seal the gaps. You can also place acoustic panels on the door itself to prevent the sound reverberations coming off the door.
  • Placing acoustic foam behind your monitor, mic and speakers will improve the echo of your voice when speaking to your teammates or your audience.
  • Are there any large empty walls in your gaming room? Look at covering some spaces with some acoustic foam. You can also get creative with it and choose from Hush Echo’s wide selection of designs and colours that will fit right into the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. We recommend using the Pyramid, Wedge, Metro, Strip, Convolute and Hexagon Foam panels. 
  • Placing a rug under your desk or table where the games are being played can help to a certain extent, but it may not make the impact you were hoping for.
  • Using Bass Traps in the corner of the room will absorb mid to low-frequency sounds. It will also help with sound clarity when talking to your fellow online gamers.
  • It is strange, however, that people often forget the ceiling when they are installing any form of acoustic treatment. Well, we are here to remind you not to forget. 

The best part about beefing up your gaming room sound quality is that our easy DIY sound panels will take you minutes to get your sound in tip top shape, allowing you to get back to the controller in record speed. We also provide some affordable tips to improving the sound quality in your room. 

Take a look at our collection of acoustic foam panels if you decide using acoustic foam will be a great fit for your gaming room. You can also read up on what are acoustic foam panels. 

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