Foam Panels

Hush Echo supplies a complete range of specialised products for improved acoustic control, with solutions including acoustic foam panels, polyester panels, and acoustic boards.

Each of these solutions contributes elegantly to comprehensive room or studio sound proofing, are manufactured to last, and come to you at highly competitive rates.


We make it simple for you to find and buy the ideal studio sound proofing solution from us with a secure and convenient online store right here on our website. Competitive prices and comprehensive policies on shipping and returns, we make shopping simple, convenient, and secure for each of our clients.


We offer a complete range of different types of sound dampening foams that are ideal for use in home offices, recording studios, boardrooms, or home theatres. These solutions not only ensure that sound is locked into (or out of) an environment, but also ensures a heightened sense of audio quality wherever they are used.

Below you will find a collection of different types of sound dampening foams, each delivering ideal solutions for a variety of applications and environments and manufactured to the highest degrees of quality. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Hush Echo to find out more…