1) How many acoustic foam panels do I need?

For typical sound control application, 25 to 75% surface coverage is recommended.

2) Where should I place the foam?

The optimal placement is situated closer to the source of the source of the sound. You can apply the foam 60cm to 1m above the floor.

3) Why should you choose our foam?

Our foam is studio-grade and professional equipment. It is great for enhancing sound and speech quality within a room. Our foam is highly effective sound deadeners and they reduce standing waves and flutter echo. These foam panels are ideal for auditoriums, broadcasting studios, vocal booths, control rooms, home theatres, boardrooms, concert halls, home offices, recording studios and restaurants.

4) Will the acoustic foam prevent sound from traveling through my walls?

The acoustic foam will reduce the sound to a limited degree and NOT completely. However, it will improve the acoustics inside a room by absorbing reverb and sound reflections.