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Is Soundproofing Worth The Cost?

Whether you are considering the idea of adding soundproofing panels to your home to add an aesthetic touch after seeing Hush Echo’s beautiful range of acoustic panels, or whether you are looking for soundproofing and acoustic panels to serve a specific function, you may find yourself wondering if soundproofing is actually worth the cost.

Depending on the purpose, function, and supplier, you may find yourself getting many different answers about whether or not soundproofing is worth the cost. There are many variables to consider before making that all-important purchase decision and we hope to provide you with some useful information to help make that decision easier..

Is Soundproofing Effective?

One of the reasons that you may be contemplating whether or not soundproofing is worth the cost is that you are unsure if it actually works. How would you know if you are investing in the appropriate materials and if these products are effective or not?

Well, when done correctly, with the right materials and appropriate advice on installation, soundproofing can be extremely effective. It can entirely block the sound from escaping a room, which is particularly beneficial when you are setting up a home theatre system or a studio.

Now, you may argue that some people say their DIY soundproofing applications proved futile or ineffective. In such cases, you could probably ask them if they remembered to treat the floors, ceilings, doors, and windows of the room. In many cases, people forget these important parts of a room and they mark it up as the entire process being ineffectual. 

Do I Need Soundproofing?

Another way of determining if soundproofing or acoustic treatment is worth the cost, depends on the function and purpose that you are hoping it fulfils. Basically, soundproofing or acoustic treatment may work out to be expensive in a professional studio as opposed to your home office..

This is not to say that one function is better than the other, but you may find yourself investing more money into sound treatment solutions for a professional studio, where crisp sound is a necessity than you would in your home office. 

In some cases, when you consider that the alternative is no sound treatment at all, you may find that it is necessary and needed to install acoustic panels and soundproofing panels in specific areas.

Should I Install Soundproofing Myself Or Hire A Professional Team?

This is where the choice comes down to your personal preference. While you can spend money on the actual acoustic panels and soundproofing panels, installation is easy enough to do by yourself, as can be seen with our range of DIY acoustic panels.

But if you aren’t a DIY aficionado and you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, you can get a professional to install your panels for you, but this will come at an additional cost. Whether or not this specific cost is worth it, is entirely dependent on your preferences.

How Can I Get The Best Value For My Money?

When you’re deciding on which products you should invest in when you’re carrying out sound treatment in a specific space, there are a few things to consider so that you really can get the best value for your money.

  1. What is your application? Are you looking to soundproof a room where you will record podcasts, or where you will produce high quality music?
  2. What is your budget? You would need to work out a budget and the general cost estimate for a specific quantity for acoustic panels. There is no joy in making blind purchases especially when you don’t know what the market value of these products is. Once you find out an estimate for different products and you compare prices, you can establish a budget that you are willing to spend on these products.
  3. Do these panels match the look and the feel of the space you are hoping to install them in? 

If your budget can only accommodate “home office-level” acoustic treatment, but you are hoping to reach “professional studio-level” acoustic treatment, you may not find it to be worth your while.

Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide if soundproofing is really worth the cost, but if it is done right, with the right considerations and comparisons made, you will undoubtedly experience the benefits that soundproofing provides, especially in a professional space.

But if you still have any doubts or any questions about your sound treatment investments (which you should have), contact us at Hush Echo for expert advice before you dig into your wallet. 

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