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When Acoustic Treatment Meets Art

When Acoustic Treatment Meets Art

When you think of acoustic foam panels and sound treatment, the aesthetic that may come to mind is that of one-dimensional solid-coloured panels that have no creative element. Yes, it adds to the professionalism of an office or boardroom and keeps recording artists from getting distracted. But do all acoustic panels need to be so dull and one-dimensional?

Why not spruce up your office or boardroom, or your home studio or home theatre with acoustic wall art panels?

What are acoustic art panels?

As the name suggests, these panels trade in the single colour panels for an artistic element that adds dimension and character to the space with an art print instead. Whether it is an office space that needs extra character or to create a more appealing space for employees and clients alike, acoustic wall art panels provide function and beauty.

These acoustic art panels are made from a natural acoustic cotton substrate which contain natural plant ultra-fine fiber as a raw material, mixed with 3% PET polyester fiber. The substrate is double sided with a 100% PET ultraporous acoustic trunk with a large number of unequal radius pores connected to each other. The pores are deep inside the structure and the internal and external unequal orders of air layer constitutes a wide frequency absorber. The external layer of the panel is covered with a beautiful image whilst the internal layer of the acoustic art panels convert the acoustic energy into heat energy.

Benefits of acoustic wall art panels

While adding art pieces on their own may only slightly enhance the acoustics in a room, as much as adding a carpet or curtains would, having these art pieces is guaranteed to enhance and optimize the sound in a room.

When looked at purely from an aesthetic perspective, it adds a wonderfully dynamic element to what would be an otherwise plain wall. Having art pieces on your wall, whether in the professional or private and personal space, makes the environment more pleasant. It can invoke emotions, whether it is a sense of calm, a sense of excitement, or even a sense of curiosity.

When you consider how much of our day is spent indoors, why not create a unique space that makes you feel calm? Cultivating a visually appealing workspace can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety in office spaces and in-home office spaces.

In a professional space, boardroom, or office, having a visual appeal can help add to and reinforce your organization's brand. It also greatly contributes to the company culture that your organization is trying to portray. In a more corporate environment, you could consider using more elegant acoustic wall art panels, and if you want to create a more fun, dynamic space, perhaps bright-coloured pieces would be best for your professional space. 

If you still don’t know what sound treatment may be fit for your particular purpose, contact us today for a consultation or take a look at our acoustic art panels.
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