Wedge Acoustic Foam-Black-24 pack-30cmx30cmx2.5cm- Wall Angle.
Wedge Acoustic Foam-Black-24 pack-30cmx30cmx2.5cm- Wall Angle. and stacked
Wedge Acoustic Foam-Black-24 pack-30cmx30cmx2.5cm-wall mounted-front view
Wedge Acoustic Foam-Black-24 pack-30cmx30cmx2.5cm-Front view and stacked
Hush Echo

24 Pack - Wedge Acoustic Foam- 30cm X 30cm X 2.5cm - Black


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  • Description
  • Description
  • 24 Pack Wedge Sound Reducing Foam. 

    The Black wedge design offers it the advantage of absorbing noise and echo in a singular direction. 

    These wedge DIY sound panels are ideal for your Home-office, Commercial office, Recording studio, boardrooms, indoor parks, shooting ranges, and home theatres. The panels are easy to install and the 24 pack is great for covering large spaces. 

    For maximum benefit, apply the sound-absorbing foam approximately perpendicular to where the unwanted noise will be coming from. The foam will not deteriorate or fall apart over time. All that is required is dusting over long periods of time

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