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4 Pack - Strip - Acoustic Foam - Black - 50cm

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Original price R 2,200.00
R 2,200.00
R 2,200.00 - R 2,200.00
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Experience Sound Excellence with our 4-Pack 50cm Strip Shaped Foam Panels – the epitome of acoustic foam mastery, designed to deliver unparalleled noise and echo reduction. Whether you're a music producer, podcaster, streamer, or visionary designer, these panels elevate your environment to new heights.

Amplify Your Recordings -  Immerse your audience in crystal-clear audio by eliminating background noise and disruptive echoes.

Unmatched Acoustic Control - With a focus on precision, our foam panels prioritize sound absorption over diffusion, diminishing reverb, flutter echoes, and undesirable reflections. Create a harmonious acoustic haven that inspires and captivates.

Unleash the true potential of your sound environment with Hush Echo's 4-Pack Strip Shaped Foam Panels. Elevate your creativity and immerse yourself in the pure essence of exceptional acoustics. Revamp your space, refine your recordings, and experience sound excellence like never before.


- Enhanced Absorption
- Reduces standing waves. 
- Reduction in reverb and flutter echoes.
- Decreases the sound pressure build up in the room.  

- Sound absorption
- No drilling required

Specifications per panel:
- Weight: 300 g
- Material: Polyurethane (Foam)
- Dimensions (lxbxh) : 50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm