What are Sound Reducing Foam Panels

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Acoustic Foam are made of soundproof materials (polyurethane) to help eliminate unwanted noise like reverb and echoes from a specific place. They are common in areas where an accurate sound is of the utmost importance, such as commercial boardrooms, home offices, and music recording studios and recently has become important for digital creators. 

There are two types of acoustic tools, absorbers, and diffusers. The acoustic foam absorbs the sound which reduces the energy in sound bounces as they come, while the latter prevents the sound from bouncing off ceilings and walls. It is important to understand where sound gets trapped in a room

Reflected sound hits our ears later when we already experienced the direct sound. Both come from the same source at the same time but reflected sound travels farther. The wall is a flat, uniform surface, so if you do not install acoustic panels, you will get a lot of reflected sounds. 

Reflective barriers are straightforward and highly effective solutions but are suitable for confined places. In such conditions, absorptive barriers are a better fit, except that the room may feel dull and unnatural.  We recommend using both tools for a room situation to complement each other's drawbacks. Where to install sound reducing foam is also important. 

The benefits of using acoustic foam include:

  • Decreases reverb and flutter echoes. 
  • Eliminates comb filtering. 
  • Reduces standing waves. 
  • Decreases room modes. 
  • Reduces sound pressure build up in rooms. 
Hush Echo infographic about the benefits of an acoustic panel


Take a look at our various collections of sound reducing foam to see which would be best suited for you or to find out which panel will be best suited to your needs, get into contact with us if you are looking for more information. 

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