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What Is Sound?

Sound is simply the vibration of energy through the air. The air vibrates around an instrument, sending the vibrating air, in the form of soundwaves, to your ears which will cause the tympanic membrane your outer ear to vibrate, and the soundwave can be heard and interpreted by the brain. Sound can either bounce off hard surfaces or it can be absorbed by softer surfaces.

This is where Hush Echo is a major role player, having mastered the art of being able to manipulate these soundwaves with the range of their specialized foam.

Different types of foam will have different levels of performance of sound absorption, depending on your needs. What is true is that the sound absorbed will create a more pleasant sound in the room, as unwanted noise is removed and does not reverberate off denser, harder surfaces. It is best to understand where sound gets trapped in a room before reading more about sound absorbing foam. 

Sound Absorbing Foam

There is a distinct difference between the types of foam that are available. Certain types of foam are better at blocking sound whilst others are better at absorbing sound. Hush Echo are specialists in sound absorption foam

To absorb the sound, acoustic foam is light and soft, allowing the sound to penetrate through its grooves and tiny pours. It has a flexible structure, and its open cells allow sound to be absorbed instead of reverberating as it would against harder surfaces. The structure of the foam prevents the sound from bouncing back into the room and does so by converting the sound waves into heat energy through sound dissipation and thereby reducing the amplitude of the noise.

To improve the sound in a particular room and reduce the amount of echo that bounces off the harder, more dense materials, softer surfaces will need to be used, and this can be done by installing a variety of sound absorption panels on the larger surfaces such as ceilings or walls.

Depending on your needs and the specific sound you are looking for, acoustic foam can also affect the quality of the sound resonating in the room. Sound can be manipulated by cutting foam in specific ways and Hush Echo provides a variety of shapes for this purpose. These are particularly useful in a recording studio environment where sound quality is important. For Example, most used shapes are Wedge and Pyramid shapes.

Absorbing Foam Products offered by Hush Echo

Hush Echo produces the finest quality Bass Trap Acoustic foam, designed to absorb low-frequency energies, and reduces low-frequency resonance. This product is available in black and comes in a pack of 2 and 4 bass traps. (Mention of Bass Traps)

Wedge Acoustic foam is another product on offer at Hush Echo, which can absorb a wider range of frequencies because of the shape of the foam, reducing the echo and offering a more clear and crisp sound. Wedge Acoustic foam comes in two pack sizes, being the 24-piece pack as well as the 12-piece pack, and is available in the dimensions of 30cm x 30c x 2,5cm.

Bass traps is also available, being able to reduce the reverberation by too absorbing the sound and converting it into heat. These bass traps are available in 50cm thickness and are available in two different shapes, A and B, and are available in black.

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