6 pack-Black Pyramid acoustic foam-30cmx30cm-Sic panels Wall mounted-Side angle view
6 pack-Black Pyramid acoustic foam-30cmx30cm-Six panels Wall mounted-Front view.
6 pack-Black Pyramid acoustic foam-30cmx30cm-Six panels Stacked-Front view.
6 pack-Black Pyramid acoustic foam-30cmx30cm-Six panels Stacked-Side angle view.
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6 Pack - Pyramid Acoustic Foam - 30cm X 30cm


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  • Description
  • Benefits
  • Features and Specifications
  • Description
  • 6 Pack - Pyramid Sound Reducing Panels!

    Pyramid Acoustic foam aids in the reduction of flutter echoes and reverb. The 4 sides to its shape allows it to have more surface area. This creates extra diffusion by reflecting the sound in different directions which results in dampening of the sound.

    The Pyramid panel provides a flatter sound instead of deadening the room completely due to its properties and shape. 

    The DIY acoustic panels are ideal for your:

    • YouTube/Streaming rooms.
    • Podcasting rooms,
    • Recording studios, 
    • Boardrooms.

    The product is a great method for acoustical treatment and is usually one our best sellers for gaming room and recording studio setups. 

      • Benefits
      • The benefits of these acoustic foam panels include:

        • Reduces harmful noise reflections. 
        • Reduction in room modes. 
        • Reduction on comb filtering. 
        • Reduces standing waves. 
        • Decreases the sound pressure build up in the room. 
        • Reduces reverb and flutter echoes.
      • Features and Specifications
      • Features:
        - Sound absorption
        - Flame retardant
        - No drilling required

        Specifications per panel:
        - Weight: 57g
        - Density: 20 kg/m^3
        - Material: Polyurethane (Foam)
        - Dimesions (lxbxh) : 30cm X 30cm X 5cm

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